On Monday I had the pleasure of attending Manchester Fashion Week. On arrival I was very impressed with the overall venue and the ambience they was conveyed. A lovely red carpet was brought to my attention along with a huge stage, music playing and a keen sense of fashion.


I was thoroughly impressed with the designs and the enthusiasm that was demonstrated on the catwalk. Real women were wearing these amazing clothing brands and it was so satisfying to watch. I got a real buzz from the whole evening and I just wanted to share my experience and some of the photos that were taken. Everyone was so welcoming and made sure all were happy and contented.


Each individual designer was brought on stage and told us a little about their brand and what they wanted to portray. This was great little touch and it almost felt like we had met the magic behind the designs. Each designer had their own identity from a tribal stripe, a certain colour or repetition of this. It made you realise how much work had gone into the representation of their work.


Support is key within these events so show some love and dedication to the cause, because without it there would be no sharing of others work and how much they take pride within what they love to create. I’m really pleased that I took the time to go and broaden my knowledge of fashion, I gathered scope on new up and coming designers and what they have to offer.



Thanks for visiting!


Lots of love


X Laura X